About SoundStash Guitar Samples & Loops

Get original melodic guitar samples & loops for your beats & songs

Guitar Samples and Loop packs

SoundStash is a super-simple service that lets you sign up to get a free pack of guitar and bass guitar loops each month, or you can check out our complete packs of guitar samples and bass guitar loops for sale.

Are you great at crafting drum and keyboard beats, but want to add guitar samples or bass loops to make your music really pop?  

Do you love producing your own beats and songs, but sometimes get stuck coming up with creative memorable riffs, grooves, and hooks to make your tracks stand out?

All loops are not created equal.

The big music loop and sample library sites have their advantages, but big sites like those tend to largely focus on building a huge (& arguably overwhelmingly library of audio. Their selling point is the large quantity of sounds they have available, but sometimes the goal of having a huge selection comes at a cost (in both the consistency of the music and the time you spend digging through them).

Our focus is on quality, not quantity. We typically record a lot of new loops for our guitar loop packs, and then during our extensive editing process, go through them all and narrow them down to the best (and most interesting and usable) loops to include in our loop packs. All of our guitar samples and loops are exclusive to SoundStash, and not offered anywhere else.

Our focus with SoundStash is not only on samples and loops that are outstanding quality, but that are inventive, original, and inspirational. In other words, audio that will inspire to create great beats and music, and ultimately help you sell more music and build a bigger following.

Our loop packs feature high-quality 44.1 kHz, 24-bit WAV files that can be easily dragged into any DAW.

Have any questions, or just want drop us a line (we love hearing examples of tracks using our samples!)? Reach out at hello@soundstash.co.